Broken equipment will not just fix itself, nor will dirt come off without someone washing it off. There are no shortcuts.  For any company to have a future, it needs hardworking and dedicated maintenance professionals.

With the right attitude no challenge is too great. We are an internationally experienced recruitment partner. We will find you trustworthy maintenance employees for placement in the processing industry, to work on different projects, or for installation, insulation or cleaning work.

We ensure that our clients have sufficient maintenance personnel to meet any situation. We can also provide equipment, equip our employees and take responsibility for directing their work when necessary.

We have provided personnel to numerous locations, both in Finland and abroad. We have a comprehensive network of Finnish and international maintenance professionals.  We find the most skilled professionals because we are a trusted employer and know what different positions require. Trust is the basis for all our work, so when we promise something we will deliver. We work efficiently and competitively to meet your specific needs.