Competition over customers may never before have been this tough. Customers are increasingly quality-conscious, expecting personalized service and tailor-made solutions that meet their specific needs. In this environment, businesses that understand the significance of the customer experience and know how to utilize data, automatization, product expertise, marketing and their networks, are at a significant advantage. At the same time, markets are no longer defined by geographical borders. Our passion is to streamline and develop our clients´ sales. We feel we have succeeded when our clients´ sales increase.

We offer comprehensive solutions as well as personnel recruiting know-how. In the sales industry there is constant demand for skilled professionals and the pressure to recruit quickly is immense. As recruiting professionals, we will find you the right kind of people — those who are motivated by great challenges.  Our clients benefit from our size and agility. We have everything ready: experience, the understanding of what makes a great sales person, a good applicant database, wide-reaching networks and the ability to spot potential.

In sales, personality is key, which is why we are constantly meeting potential candidates face to face. We know goal-driven sales professionals from all over Finland.

We know how important it is to find a cultural match, which is why we carefully assess the potential candidate´s suitability. We use software that provides excellent support for recruiting.