The world is changing and people and the know-how have to keep up. Employment now takes many forms and it is increasingly important for success that company culture is employee-centric. Still, the core of HR remains the need to find good employees and look after them. We know what it takes to find the right people, manage a dedicated staff and create a good company culture.

Our recruitment process is fast, knowledgeable and efficient because we have wide-reaching networks and candidate databases. We are also constantly developing more agile digital tools. With the appropriate prerequisites in place, we can focus on finding the right person for the right job. With our help you will find suitable professionals for HR, marketing and communications positions whether you are looking for an expert, a manager or a team member. No two companies are alike. We have hundreds of client companies and, hence, understand very different business cultures and environments. We always take the time to learn and understand our clients´ business because we believe we can be most useful to you that way.

We have over 15 years of experience in building different personnel solutions. We combine our personnel expertise and analytical approach into services that benefit the individual and the community. Our strength lies in not being afraid to challenge your approach or thinking. We want to learn, discover, and research the work you do so you can do it even better. This is why we offer research and assessment services. By taking advantage of data and analyzing your working practices onsite we can help you organize the work in ways that increase efficiency, transparency and flow.

Our working ability service offers new opportunities for employees whose current position does not suit them. We create the working life of the future with efficient, personnel-centric and open-minded solutions that help individuals and businesses grow.