When the world is your office, there is plenty of room for good decisions and daring action. We are your partner, whether you want to find workers internationally or hire local top talent. With the right expertise, boldness and tools, countries or even continents pose no limits to success.

In order to make location a secondary factor in recruitment we have developed first-class digital tools. International recruitment processes can move along smoothly with the help of the video interview tool integrated into our recruitment system. We have offices in Finland and  in 10 foreign countries – we know where to find the finest local talent. We are experienced in the best marketing channels and we know the local work culture.


The right experts are not always where the work is. Professionals, employees and experts are sometimes found across the globe, sometimes next door. Mobile project work is a present day reality. Putting up these professionals in hotels does not need to be.

We offer a full-service solution for our clients in partnership with accommodation expert Forenom, part of Barona Group. Forenom eases personnel mobility for companies by finding solutions to different corporate accommodation needs.

Forenom offers a diverse selection of accommodation alternatives to complement the traditional solutions of hotel- or rental apartment accommodations. The service offering covers everything from hostels to luxury living.


Moving to a new country is always exciting and sometimes stressful. We ensure your employee gets a smooth start by offering as much, or as little, support as is needed for each relocation.

So that your employee can begin work seamlessly, we take care of working permits, residency permits, taxation requirements and other paperwork, as well as renting an apartment.

To help your employee acclimatise to the new country and culture, we will educate them about the local customs and direct them to the right services.  We ensure a smooth relocation and no detail is too small. You can choose how much support you want and at what point in the process. Together, we will put together the solution that best matches your needs and those of your employees.

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