Preparing for the future in any industry requires strong technological vision and matching investment. Barona´s digital service development team of over 30 digital developers focuses solely on developing better ways to work and find work.

Our core mission is to enable optimal work performance. This requires the right person, optimal working practices and the best tools. These are all elements of our tailored solutions. As a part of our service, we have developed multiple solutions to streamline work.

Barona´s services always contain a strong technological element. Over the years, in a cooperation with our clients and their customers, we have developed an HR reporting tool, a follow-up and management tool for stand sales, and a tool for analyzing and assessing risks to work ability. We operate in close partnership with the leading companies in the field, one of which is Wunderdog, part of Barona Group.


We have also developed some of the fruits of our digital labors into commercial services.

Video-based recruitment tool

Interviewing candidates or being interviewed has never been this easy.´s tool allows you to manage your recruitments regardless of the time and place.

Peer-to-peer interpretation service Túlka

Túlka is a video-based mobile application for language interpretation that was created in response to challenges posed by increased immigration. Through peer-to-peer interpretation, Túlka assists in everyday situations where an individual needs to be understood.

Next-generation recruitment tool Jelpp

Jelpp is a next-generation recruitment tool that uses artificial intelligence to streamline recruitment and make the job hunt pleasant. It was developed in cooperation with Barona´s recruitment specialists.

Numerous tailored tools

An HR reporting tool, an application for researching work, a follow-up and management tool for stand sales, a tool for analysing and assessing risks to work ability… These are just some examples of different solutions that have been developed in co-operation with our clients and their customers to meet the varied and changing requirements of working life.

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